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Success with Business Intelligence - Don't Underestimate the Value of Management Commitment

We spend a fair amount of time talking to people about drivers that lead to successful Business Intelligence (BI) implementations and drivers that progress organizations towards analytical maturity.  The most important drivers for success, in our experience, have more to do with organizational readiness, willingness to change and support of senior management than they do with a specific BI tool.

Forrester's Evelson on ROI for BI

Forrester BI superstar Boris Evelson writes about several topics that we deal with consistently with our clients. A common question we get involves estimating ROI for BI initiatives.

Retail BI's "Slowest Common Denominator"

I stumbled on the transcript of a panel discussing business intelligence applications in a retail setting. The panelists, senior analytics executives at PETCO, Carter's & Ascena, had some great answers to how their BI initiatives are providing business value. Here are some of the highlights: 

Q: How do each of you actually use BI and analytics in your company?

Math Nerd Party Tricks, Portuguese and SQL

My uncle, a former seminarian who has two masters' degrees (one in English Literature and one in Business Administration) and has been running his own company for nearly fifty years, once told me that it isn't enough to be good at just one thing. It isn't enough just to be great at sales. You need to be great at sales and operations. One dimensional resources abound and the way to stand above the crowd is to be great at many things. 

Don't Call It a Comeback

Ted Cuzillo over at Information Management finds three tools that he wouldn't "call BI" 'cause... they focus on distinctly non-BI aspects of analytics: visualization, collaboration & search.

Our Presentation to the IBI Chicago User Group - What's With ROI?

Mike and I presented at the Information Builders Chicago User Group meeting a couple of weeks ago, where we discussed the many considerations for a successful implementation of IBI's WebFOCUS application. (Here is the agenda for our upcoming encore in Milwaukee !).

Billboards and Business Intelligence

The Wall Street Journal's Health Blog shares the story of an Ohio health system that publishes its Emergency Room wait times on highway billboards: 

Steve Perlman bends time and space with his DIDO wireless technology

Dean Takahashi over at VentureBeat reports on a white paper released today by Steve Perlman & his Rearden Companies that claims to solve problems with wireless bandwidth: 

Don't forget the "business" in Business Intelligence

We are currently involved on a number of "BI" initiatives and are noticing a recurring them - many implementations of BI software are not as successful as expected because of low adoption rates.  One common reason for low adoption rates is failure to adequately anticipate how the new BI technology will be used by the business.  If it is not clear how the technology will fit into the existing business processes or how processes will change, then people will be confused and not leverage new capability to its fullest extent.