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BI Project Management for a Rail Car Provider

“NorthBound’s process saved us $500,000 in report development costs.” – VP of Finance

Our Client:

Our client is a leader in providing freight railcars and related freight car management services in North America.   Their pool of over 140,000 railcars ships finished goods and commodities such as motor vehicles, construction equipment, steel, lumber, aggregates and paper products.  The client is owned by the major railways, and provides railcars as needed to the owner companies, as well as to other freight haulers.

Their Challenge:

A major initiative was underway to upgrade all operating and reporting applications. The client had 3,500 financial reports and wanted to determine which of these reports should be recreated in the new environment.    Identifying and prioritizing these reports challenged the finance department.  Further, the department faced resource-scheduling issues.

The NorthBound Solution:

NorthBound Solutions assessed how the finance department generated reports and a provided a report inventory. Our assessment identified the reports that were not being used anymore and did not need to be recreated in the new enviroment.  In addition,  our work identified other opportunities to streamline & standardize reporting activities.

The Benefits:

As a result of NorthBound’s efforts, our client was able to save $500,000 in report development costs