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BI Roadmap for County Government

“The recommendations made by NorthBound will reduce our risk from legacy systems. In addition, we will be able to produce better financial and operations reports faster and finally give us some forecasting capabilities.”

–Director, Finance & Administration

The Client:

Our client is a county government in the Midwest providing 166,000 residents a wide range of government services.

Their Challenge:

Decreased tax revenue, state budget cuts and antiquated IT infrastructure forced the Finance and IT staff of this county to search for ways to reduce the burden of financial and operational reporting across departments as well as build up forecasting capabilities.  One department needs two resources to spend 40% of their time per month running reports off of the county's version of JD Edwards (running on iSeries mainframes that were nearly 20 years old).  The county called NorthBound to perform dual BI & ERP assessments and help put it on the path toward selection of systems to fulfill its requirements.

The NorthBound Solution:

NorthBound assessed the need for BI in the county as well as options for improving or replacing its aging ERP application. We interviewed county stakeholders at all levels and Departments including the Treasurer, Highway Commissioner, Director of Human Services as well as the Chief Deputy of the Sheriff's Department to put together a comprehensive list of BI & ERP requirements. With that list of requirements, we helped devise a short list of vendor candidates as well as financial and economic viability models to estimate ROI of our recommendations.

The Benefit:

NorthBound’s recommendations and roadmap gave our client the plan it needed to convince its Board of Supervisors of the need for a BI solution and a replacement for its aging ERP.