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Business Intelligence Readiness

Assessment is the first step to self knowledge

The NorthBound Solutions, Inc. (NBS) Business Solution Assessment (BSA) helps our clients uncover, understand and act upon the drivers of financial and operating performance. The BSA focuses on identifying and recommending enhancements to current business processes and information collection and reporting.   Through a structured interview process, we start by obtaining a thorough understanding of the business fundamentals and key growth drivers. From there, we draw upon our operational and financial expertise to identify the financial, operational and market information required to support and grow the business. We will identify and address key issues within a business and carefully formulate viable solutions. Customized to meet the needs of each client, the BSA is both cross-functional and multi-dimensional, and can include:

  • A map of current “as is” business processes across many key areas of the company (finance, operations, information technologies, marketing/sales, and executive);
  • A data requirements and data dictionary based on the current repository of documents used to support the business;
  • An analysis of the underlying information and business assumptions in relation to historical results, trending, market factors, among many other considerations;
  • An impact assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of business information;
  • A comprehensive solution assessment that includes recommended enhancements to business processes, information collection and reporting and systems solutions.