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Enhanced Daily Servicer Reporting

The Client: 

Our client is a multi-national industrial manufacturing organization.

Their Challenge:

Our client's principal challenge was timely and accurate reporting on the various tranches of securities based on their trade receivables. Each security is unique and each counterparty has their unique reporting requirements. Our client was struggling to deliver the kind of reporting their counterparties demanded.

The NorthBound Solution: 

NorthBound designed and developed a securitization reporting infrastructure for our client to support a multi-seller trade receivable asset-backed securitization program. The solution leveraged the power of Microsoft Excel, while incorporating such controls as secure remote access, authentication and data validation. The application consolidated individual seller data into a centralized environment, from which the daily servicer report is generated.

The Benefit:

NorthBound's solution provided data transparency and process auditability to senior leadership, improved reporting capability and reduced the amount of time it takes to run daily servicer reports.