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Improving Data Quality for a Fleet Management Firm

  “NorthBound kept a very complicated data integration project on track so we could launch an important strategic tool.” – Director of IT

Our Client

Our client is a national leader in fleet management services. Headquartered in Des Plaines, Illinois,  the firm manages the acquisition, maintenance and remarketing of vehicles for companies operating vehicle fleets.

Their Challenge

The client was developing an ambitious catalogue of vehicles and vehicle parts representing all major automotive lines.  The catalogue would allow fleet managers and drivers to accurately and securely configure and order fleet vehicles. The number of data streams, the complicated business rules and integration challenges with existing applications put the success of the entire project at risk.  The project’s manager requested help from NorthBound Solutions to provide structure for data development and analysis, thereby reducing overall project risk.

The NorthBound Solution

NorthBound applied its Quality Delivery methods to measure the quality of data streams and evaluate the logic that updated project’s database.  By applying light-weight development processes and governance, defects during user acceptance testing fell by 40%.  NorthBound’s knowledge of the fleet leasing business and our emphasis on communication brought the project under control.

The Benefit

Our client was able to launch their vehicle parts database on time, improve customer satisfaction while improving back-office operating efficiency.