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Business Intelligence Consulting

All companies face issues unique to their industry or their particular business model. There are however, several challenges th at we consistently encounter across industries or companies.

Management by Spreadsheet:
Many companies are run based on information in spreadsheets owned and understood by a select few. They are subjected to single points of failure and bottlenecks in critical analyses.

Misaligned Goals and Metrics:
We encounter companies whose individual business unitsor departments are meeting or exceeding performance goals, but the company itself is languishing. Our analyses show that this is often caused by unbalanced and misaligned performance goals to overall strategy.

Reacting vs. Forecasting:
Traditional BI and reporting primarily tell companies what has already happened. Our clients tell us they want to stop working so reactively and plan better for the future.

Mistrust of Presented Information:
When presented with different and often contradictory information from multiple sources, executives are often left to wonder what, if any of it, is accurate.

In our experience, the most successful companies are those that effectively transform their data into insights and insights into action. NorthBound advises clients in:

Business Intelligence Road‐mapping:

NBS provides clients an achievable path beyond spreadsheets, inconsistent data and unreliable information to business decisions based on rich analytics founded on a consistent view of the company’s data.

Business Intelligence Readiness:

NBS helps our clients understand, plan for, and address the “change pain” often associated with a move away from gut-­‐based decision making to an information based process. Early planning for change is one of the best ways to maximize adoption of new capabilities and achieve projected benefits.

BI Vendor Selection & Management: 

We help our clients with BI technology enablement; selecting the right tool(s), and designing the right solutions based on their specific requirements and industry best practices. 

BI Program Management & Improvement:

NorthBound helps our clients manage and track their progression towards BI excellence using the industry recognized DELTA model.