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Custom Development

Each and every application should be designed and developed using best-in-class methodologies and practices, regardless of project or application size.

NorthBound Solutions Inc. (NBS) creates custom and commercial applications to solve unique business problems, to enhance existing systems, to link disparate systems together, and to enable business to be done over the web.

NBS's experienced team of consultants have decades of experience building systems large and small in a variety of programming environments. They have considerable experience writing software in Java, C#, Python, and PHP; are facile in web technologies such as HTML, XML, and CSS; have built web services with Drupal, JSP, ASP, and others; have worked with content management systems on a variety of platforms; have built large and complex financial models using Excel; and have years of experience in database design and optimization on Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft Access.