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DealManager™ (DM) by NorthBound Solutions, Inc. (NBS) is a configurable software application designed to meet the selection, audit, calculation and reporting requirements of any Securitization or Structured Finance Transaction. DM focuses primarily on the underlying collateral pool, which serves as the collateral behind the Securitization transaction. The user is able to configure DM to reflect all the eligibility, concentration and performance criteria of the underlying securitized assets, as these requirements are defined in the securitization transaction documents and interpreted by the user.  Once configured, the DM selection algorithm identifies the maximum amount of assets that comply with all requirements and places them into a securitized "pool" of assets.

DM is used by Issuers to of Securitization transactions to improve the control and oversight around compliance and performance.  Typically, Issuers use MS Excel combined with data extracts to comply with Securitization requirements.  With DM, authorized users define the transaction requirements through the user interface and generate compliant pools using the patent-pending DM algorithms.  Once the pool is created, users can create Servicer Reports in native MS Excel format by defining the data elements required to populate the reports.  When the Servicer Report is run, data is extracted automatically from the DM database instead of manual cut-and-paste procedures.