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DM Mapper

DM Mappper (DMM) is comprised of a series of configurable procedures that aggregate, consolidate, organize, perform necessary calculations and prepare the data for input into a MS Excel-based servicer report. DMM performs all of the deal-specific calculations necessary to:

  • Validate compliance with terms and conditions
  • Perform payment waterfall calculations
  • Evaluate defined performance indicators for each deal

The process of generating a servicer report is as easy as clicking a button. This process opens an exact template of the servicer report and populates it with the necessary asset-based information for the current period. DMM is an MS Excel (version 2007 or later) application that integrates tightly with DealManager.  It provides users with the ability to create dynamic mappings of cell values to defined, key performance indicators maintained in the DealManager database.  These cell references are stored using custom procedures that extend the power of MS Excel by capturing specific values in unstructured, MS Excel documents.