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Project Management and Leadership

"Tell me and I'll forget.  Show me and I may remember.  Involve me and I'll understand."  Chinese Proverb

Project management is one of those areas of activity that can make-or-break a project.  We found over time that these activities, if performed effectively, can provide tremendous value to an overall project.  On the flip-side, we’ve observed how ineffective project management can overload project cost, introduce a layer of bureaucracy and interfere with progress.  
At NorthBound Solutions, Inc., our approach to project management can be better described as project leadership.  In addition to the many tactical responsibilities in managing large-scale, complex projects, we believe that project leaders should maintain a strategic outlook on project activities and act accordingly.  Every decision is made with consideration for impact on goals, objectives, timelines and budgets.  
In our experience, this “leadership” mentality to project management works well in any methodology – waterfall, agile or hybrid.  Team members are given full latitude to manage in a manner that suits the team and fits within the methodology, but failure to meet deadlines, milestones or budgets are carefully and quickly understood so that impact on final deliverables is minimized. 
A core component of our approach is managing activitties through collaboration and effective communication.  We identify and seek to resolve issues quickly and clearly.  Decision points are communicated so that management can make informed decisions quickly, and then move on. Key decisions and actions are documented using light-weight tools that do not place a burden on productivity but keep team members fully informated.
We recognize that not all project require this approach to project management; however, in our experience with complex, large-scale, enterprise-wide projects, this approach is a key driver to project success.  For more information, please reach out to us here.