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Rapid Information Assessment

NorthBound Solutions, Inc. (NBS) provides a Rapid Information Assessment (RIA) to financial institutions that either issue or are considering structured finance, asset-backed securitization or mortgage-backed securitization transactions. The RIA is a pre-defined engagement that compares existing reporting capabilities of a financial institutions to the data and system requirements of a specific securitization structure. The RIA, which focuses on asset tracking, portfolio stratification, deal-defined calculations and reporting, provides the financial institution with advance knowledge of systems enhancements that may be required to support a securitization transaction. RIA is designed to consider the unique requirements of each client, so final deliverables are defined by engagement. Standard deliverables for the RIA solution include:

  • Define the analytical, data and performance measurement requirements
  • Document data acquisition and usage strategy for required data
  • Evaluate the transaction structure and document data, process and reporting requirements
  • Document differences between existing data and reporting capabilities and potential requirements based on the transaction structure
  • Recommend and implement solutions to meet the requirements of the transaction structure

The RIA is a six to eight week engagement and is targeted towards financial institutions in the process of executing their first securitization or structured finance transaction or are evaluating a significant change in the existing structure.