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Transaction Modeling and Assessment

Applying Securitization and modeling Know-How to assess program benefits and costs

NorthBound Solutions, Inc. (NBS) has experience in evaluating, structuring, modeling and reporting on securitization and structured finance transactions in a wide variety of transaction types, industries and asset classes.  Through this experience, the NBS has developed a process for evaluating the overall goals and objectives of management against the transaction guidelines and requirements and communicating the analysis in a way that is meaningful and relevant as much for first-time Issuers as it is for frequent and well-seasoned Issuers.

Core to the process is the understanding that management must first be clear on its goal and objectives for the transaction.  Once this is clear, we can work towards measuring and quantifying how those goals are reflected and measured in the transaction pricing and requirements.

Our team uses a combination of skill sets in this analysis, applying transaction modeling skills as much as business-process change skills to help anticipate the organizational impact a transaction can have on the organization.

Each engagement is crafted to reflect the unique needs of each client and transaction.  Contact us directly for more information.