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From Data & Insight Into Action

“This is our first journey into Business Intelligence and enterprise analytics and we had no idea where to begin.  The NorthBound team has skills that just don't exist in our organization. They were able to get us on the right path in far less time than we could have done ourselves.” –Transportation CFO

NorthBound Solutions, Inc. (NBS) helps companies gain competitive advantage by putting their data to better strategic and operational use.  People, process and technology are intertwined to help firms overcome issues within their industry and business.

Specific focus areas offered by NBS include:

Business Intelligence Roadmapping:  Many firms operate using information from spreadsheets maintained by a select few. These spreadsheet models represent  single points of failure and bottlenecks in critical analyses.  BI Roadmapping can introduce a process to overcome management by spreadsheet.

Business Process Assessment: Some firms realize that they will not meet their annual/quarterly/monthly goals because of inaccurate data to measure performance towards those goals. Process analysis aligns activities against goals, to help avoid misaligned goals & metrics.

BI Program Management & Improvement: Our clients tell us they want to stop working reactively and plan better for the future.  They look for ways to  predict sales demand, call volume, resource capacity, or the cost of inputs. See how we help clients with their Forecasting and become more proactive, not reactive.